A simple yet powerful form of charity

Those who believe in the power of prayer know what great impact it can have on our lives. Sayalittleprayer.org is simply an open platform where we can be reminded of this. You can post your hopes and dreams, no matter what they are; big or small, trivial or life changing, so that someone, somewhere can say a little prayer for you. It is also a place where you can view posts and do the same for others. Invoking God’s help for another human being is a simple yet powerful form of charity

My inspiration… Ali Banat

Ali Banat was born in Greenacre, New South Wales, on February 16 1982. He made a fortune from a security and electrical company. Banat became accustomed to sports cars and Louis Vuitton. However, all that changed when he was diagnosed with what he called the “gift of cancer”. This made him reconsider his life, and prompting him to sell his cars and watches. He was told that he had seven months to live, and wanted to use his time wisely as he realised all his material possessions did not mean anything to him. Instead of seven months, the businessman lived for another three years, which he dedicated to helping other people by establishing the MATW project

The first little prayer…

May Ali Banat’s soul rest in peace and that his efforts are accepted. May he continues to be an inspiration to others

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